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Marisa Pereira Consulting LLC

The Image Within
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Let's face it - with the world placing so much emphasis on physical appearance and the media screaming "cosmetic surgery", our worlds are appearance focused. However, the personal or home image we portray may not always be our best. Image is defined in the dictionary as a "mental concept". It could be an impression formed on a first meeting or a reputation built over time. Either way, we are all prone to making judgments based on the images we form - whether of people, their homes or organizations.

Who we are and what we believe: Our 12 steps to "The Image Within"...

1. Our goal is to help people define their "image within" so that this image can be accurately and effectively portrayed to the world. Our style of dress and presentation can be tools that make the "Wow" impact so that our true image becomes transparent. However, we focus deeper.

2. Since our living spaces should be our "haven" inducing peace and comfort when our lives are in turmoil, it is critical that our homes be reflective of our personalities and what brings us peace.

3. While we are aware that drugs and surgery are sometimes a medical necessity, we do not encourage these as options for image enhancement though we respect your personal choices. Thankfully, most of the population is not looking for surgical alternatives.

4. The most beautiful garments we can adorn ourselves with are confidence and a positive self image. We will work with you (group or individual) to identify the inner you and portray that wonderful image effectively.

5. Looking successful and confident and portraying a positive self image is not dependent on your bank balance.

6. We work within various budgets and timelines to achieve the goals that we determine and understand together.

7. You will not be getting any sort of "seasonal" color guide as we believe there are many, many more than 4 color types in the human race!! We will work with you to help you understand the best colors and fit for you. your home and your lifestyle - keeping in mind your comfort level.

8. We are committed to your success - so if you are not serious about "change", we are not the right fit for you.

9. We will be as honest as we possibly can while keeping your self esteem intact.

10. We believe everyone has a super bright "image within" that can shine through with the right help. It's all in the attitude!

11. Our fee schedule is very reasonable because we believe that looking good and portraying your best image is for everyone - not just the wealthy!

12. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder - we'll look deeper than the skin for that "image within". Remember, your home and surroundings should be beautiful first and foremost to you.