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Marisa Pereira Consulting LLC

The Image Within
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What People are saying...
Whit Blakeley - President, Career Management Resources
"Marisa has spoken to our senior executive clients in our Executive Briefing and did a great job onExecutive Image”. I got very positive feedback from each client in attendance. I would wholeheartedly endorse Marisa and her programs. She is a very good speaker and provides very concrete and relevant information to people."
“I've known Marisa first on a professional level and in recent years have gotten to know her on a personal level. I'm always impressed with her devotion to her family, church and work and her demonstrated integrity in all that she does. Her work is of the highest calibre and strives to provide continuous quality. I have enjoyed getting to know Marisa and would recommend her to any client of mine, or those others who wish to do business with her.”
Kerrianne Evans - Sr. VP Consumer Products Division, 1888 Mills (worked with Marisa at JLA Home)
“I am proud to make a professional and personal recommendation for Marisa. Her understanding of the project at hand, the retail marketplace in which she is working within, the capabilites and needs of her company and the delicate balance of these components is unparalleled. Her problem solving skills are outstanding to meet the challenges of her projects. Her devotion to family and friends is impressive. She understands the need to reach beyond work to make the workplace and the world a better place.”
Fr. Kevin Peek - Chaplain, Georgia Tech
"Recently I had the opportunity to observe Marisa Pereira as she conducted a successful and engaging presentation to three female dormitories here at Georgia Tech. Her address focused on the self-image struggles and challenges that girls face in their journey to becoming a young lady, and the principles by which they can chart the course clearly and confidently. While her presentation to the Tech students was to a general audience, yet, within the confines of a Catholic-Christian community, she has the capacity of integrating these steps with the personal transformation and sanctification of the individual in Christ as well. You may also steer parents looking for modest clothes for their daughters, to look at her website "
Rudy Schlosser - Campus Minister, Georgia State University
"I endorse Marisa. When I have asked her to make presentations, she presented excellently. She was enthusiastic ,passionate, got the audience attention, and delivered the message with much meaning."
Caroline McCoy-Hansen - Founder, Director, The Career Ministry, Holy Spirit Church
"It is difficult to capture the essence of Marisa in the space allowed here. She is the ultimate professional, poised and up for whatever challenge that may come her way. Marisa is an outstanding communicator, empathetic and at the same time clear in her message. I had the pleasure of meeting her daughter who is a direct reflection of the love Marisa puts into everything she does. I recommend Marisa without reservation."
Debbie Stair - VP - Product Development and Sourcing, American Mills Inc.
"I have worked with Marisa both at JLA Home and on individual projects at my current company. I find her industry knowledge, attention to detail and color sense very strong. She has worked on both printed fabric designs and stuffed animal projects for me showing a great versatility and sense of style. She does a thorough research of what the customer requests and works accordingly. I find her presentations extremely professional and thorough. Her commitment to this industry, attention to detail and professional work ethic make Marisa a pleasure to work with."
Anne A Wong - Product Manager, Worldwise Inc
Marisa is a very thorough and attentive manager. We worked together for about 1 year and a half, and I learned a great deal under her guidance. Marisa has a very creative, objective, and special personal style which come across beautifully in her work. She is extremely professional and knows how to run an efficient team. I was always very clear on her expectations as well as my own performance. Great team player!

Stephanie Alvarez - Youth Minister, St. Phillip Benizi Church
"An inspiration to all young women; Marisa addresses issues that parents are afraid to. She enlightens and empowers young women to take control and enjoy their uniqueness and call to holiness."

George Poulos - Russell Athletic-Senior National Accounts Manager, Berkshire Hathaway

“Marisa is an extremely talented merchandiser and designer who spares no expense to provide a comprehensive and detailed product presentation submitted in a very fashionable and contemporary manner. Excellent people skills. Doesn't talk at her accounts but listens and responds accordingly. Very fast on her feet.”


Dave Sloan - Founder, Serving God's Kids

"Marisa's presentations are original, relevant, engaging and right on target! She is classy and down-to-earth at the same time, bringing together images of Mother Teresa and Princess Diana with a message that calls us all to create a healthy self image drawn from the beautiful truth that we are all created in God's image."

Louis Ragy - CEO, High Q Trading

“Marisa is a person of high integrity. She is an absolute pleasure to work with. I have had the pleasure to work with Marisa on several projects in home textiles. Her taste is impeccable and customers love listening to her. I recommend Marisa to any organization looking for growth!!"


Marie Day - Resurrected Life Ministries

"I was impressed with Marisa Pereira’s stunning presentation at the Agape Retreat on how to present oneself with confidence, simplicity and godly femininity. She is a captivating presenter enjoyed by all age groups. I recommend her as a spokesperson addressing purity in appearance, attitude, fashion as well as individual development skills. She possesses style, knowledge and refreshing delivery."