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Marisa Pereira Consulting LLC

The Image Within
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Marisa Pereira Consulting LLC is owned and operated by Marisa Pereira.                        
Marisa has been designing and developing product for the apparel and home textile industries for over 20
years, in the Greater Atlanta
area. She has been speaking publicly on the topic of Image and Presentation for the last ten years.
Her apparel products range from fine furs and ladies' church and business attire to women's, men's and
children's sportswear. Most recently, her own brand of Stylish but Modest apparel for church and special events called 
Michaela-- Noel
Her home products assortment ranges from fashion bedding, table top, bath, window treatments, rugs, toys/pillows, decorative pillows and yes - even pet beds!
She has worked with a wide range of well known manufacturers, clients, personalities and licenses and has had the good fortune of working both in front of and behind the cameras. Prior to obtaining a BA in Fashion Design, she obtained a BA in French including a minor in Psychology. She effectively combines her design and psychology knowledge in her speaking presentations, product development and image consulting projects. Whether it's addressing a corporate audience, figuring out the best product for a certain retailer or the best image for a mother of four... her goal is always to understand "the image within" of the end user. You can find some of Marisa's published articles here::

In the Summer of 2011, after noticing a lack of modest but stylish clothing for young ladies to wear to church or special events;
Marisa launched the  Michaela-- Noel brand of clothing to specifically meet this need.

On a Personal note:
Marisa has successfully worked with clients from varied socio-economic backgrounds and cultures. She has a great sense of humour and believes life is too short to stay stuck in the past! Marisa Pereira Consulting LLC was created to continue her passion and to further her dream to help people successfully achieve and portray their best "image within". She believes in quality of life enhanced by her belief in God, Family and Friends. She considers herself very blessed and strives to give back to the community. She has worked in a volunteer capacity through her church and with organizations like "Dress for Success", "Grady Hospital", "Special Olympics", "Children's Hospital", "Junior Achievement", "St. Vincent de Paul" and "Mustard Seed Communities"; among others. Her long-term goal is to be able to create a foundation to help single mothers get back on their feet and make life happen for them.